In order to practice Architecture in Mauritius it is required to register with the PAC.
The registration process must be completed at the official PAC office.
Please carefully note the required process and documents in order to accelerate the application process.
Please Note – Forms A,B,C & D can be found at the bottom of this page.

Download Registration Procedures
1. Secondary Education
Valid Sc and HSC or other secondary education completion dates
2. Tertiary Education
From a University recognised by The International Union of Architects (UIA)
3. Industry Practice
Adequate professional experience that meet PAC standards
4. Membership Application
Application submitted with all the required supporting documents.
(4 weeks)
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Once you have submitted your application following our registration procedures the registration board will evaluate your application and supporting material along with an in-person interview.

If the Registrar is satisfied, taking into account the report of the assessors and any reports or advice from the Registration Board, he or she, following approval of the Council notify the applicant of the outcome of the application.

Download Trainee Logbook
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  1. Registration Fee – Rs 5,000
  2. Processing Fee – Rs 1,500
  3. Annual Fee – Rs 4,000
Registration Form A
Registration Form B
Registration Form C
Registration Form D