PAC Registration Procedures

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Table of Contents;

1. Introduction 

The Professional Architect

The Professional Architects’ Council

The Professional Architects’ Council Act 2011

2. PAC Criteria

2.1 Interpretation of Requirements at Registration

2.2 The Professional Criteria at Registration

3. The Procedures for Registration 

3.1 Principles

3.2 Eligibility

3.2.1 Part 1 – Undergraduate Degree

3.2.2 Part 2 – Postgraduate Degree

3.2.3 General Requirements

3.3 Submitting an application

3.4 Notification of interview date

3.5 Submission of supporting material

3.6 The Interview

3.7 The Registrar

4. Re-Interview

5. Removal of Name from the Register 

6. Rejoining the Register


1. Introduction


The Professional Architect


Registration is the culmination of a long period of architectural education: full-time studies of a duration of not less than 5 years or a three-year degree leading to Part 1 – Undergraduate Degree and a further two years of postgraduate study leading to a further academic award – Part 2 – Postgraduate Degree. In Mauritius, the title of ‘Professional Architect’ is protected. In order to practice architecture, you should pass Registration and register with the Professional Architects’ Council (PAC) and then call yourself an Architect/Professional Architect.


The Professional Architects’ Council


The Professional Architects’ Council (PAC) is a body corporate. Its main role is to regulate and control the practice of architecture, in other words to ensure that those practising under the title ‘Professional Architect’ are competent to do so.

The Register of Professional Architects was set up in 1988 under an Act of Parliament which restricted use of the title ‘Professional Architect’. Some of the intentions behind such legislation might have been questionable at the time, but undeniably it brought a measure of consumer protection because the public were now able to distinguish between those properly qualified persons admitted to the Register of Professional Architects and other persons who were no longer legally entitled to call themselves Architects. The annual list of registered Architects as published in the government gazette is available on the website of the PAC and updated every year in the month of March. The PAC Act 1988 was repealed and replaced by the PAC Act 2011.

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