PAC CPD Core Curriculum

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Below is the first page of the PAC Continuing Professional Development Core Curriculum.


Every Professional Architect shall continue to develop and update his skills, knowledge and expertise throughout his careers for the benefit of his clients and the quality of the built environment.

Under the PAC’s CPD scheme, practicing Professional Architects must undertake to:

  • carry out a minimum of 10 hours of CPD annually;
  • achieve a minimum of 100 points each year of which 60% should be structured CPD wherever possible; and
  • to keep records of CPD undertaken.

Members need to obtain at least 6 of these 10 hours from the three (3) mandatory PAC curriculum CPD topics. The three (3) topics have been defined in response to the skills our members need to practice architecture now and in the future:

  • Legal, Regulatory and Statutory Compliance

The topic Legal, regulatory and statutory compliance covers understanding and keeping up to date with the legal, regulatory and policy frameworks underpinning business, architecture and construction.


  • Building Regulations
  • British Standards, Mauritius Standards

Fire Safety

  • Fire Code
  • Fire safety guidelines

Health, Safety, and Wellbeing

  • Occupation Safety and Health Regulations

Business, Clients and Services

  • Intellectual property rights, copyright law
  • Insurance, employers, PI and liability
  • Professional liability and indemnity
  • Insurance warranties


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