Invoice for Annual Roll Fee and Professional Indemnity



To:  Registered Architects

  1. As per section 21(1) of the Professional Architects’ Council Act, every professional architect shall, on or before 30 November of every year, pay to the Professional Architects’ Council such annual fee as may be prescribed, in respect of the year commencing on 1 January of the following year.

2.     In that respect, you, as a professional architect, are kindly requested to pay the sum of 4,000 rupees, representing the annual fee for the year 2022, to the PAC on or before 30 November 2021.

3.     The Professional Architect`s Council, under the Code of Conduct 2017 Part 1 Clause 11,

(a)        request all registered architects falling under the mentioned category to submit a hard/ scanned copy of their Professional Indemnity (PI) cover.

(b)        All architects practicing architecture on his own- Private practice (Firm or alone) would need to have the required indemnity cover.

(c)        Those who are employees of a firm or Government employees do not require a PI as far as they do not undertake any project on their own.

(d)        It is to be noted that the PI cover ought to be submitted along with the payment for consideration by the Council.

(e)        The Professional Architects’ Council wishes to draw your attention that the Professional Indemnity (PI) ought to be submitted, prior to any bank transfer, online payment or cash payment.

(f)         You are further reminded that yearly renewal is valid only if both PI and fees are submitted within the prescribed timeline

4.         Those architects not requiring a PI will need to write an explicit letter to the PAC stating they do not practice on their own with any other details, as they may deem appropriate.  

5.     Please note that if you fail to pay the annual fee of 4,000 rupees on or before 30 November 2021 along with a Valid PI, you will be liable to pay that annual fee of 4,000 rupees together with a surcharge of 50 per cent by 31 January 2022. Moreover, if you fail to pay the annual fee of 4,000 rupees together with the surcharge of 50 per cent with non-submission of a valid PI cover, the Council may deregister you as a professional architect. (Section 21(2) and (3) of the Professional Architects’ Council Act.

Payment may be effected in one of the following ways:

  1. Cash at the office
  2. Cheque to be drawn in favour of: Professional Architects’ Council.
  3. Internet Banking – MCB, Sir William Newton St, Port Louis

A/C No: 000010258949

Javed Rojoa


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