Illegal signing of drawings


03 September 2020

Signing of drawings executed by non-Registered Architects

It has been brought to the attention of the Council that some professional architects are “signing drawings” of architectural projects of various types and sizes, done by non-architects / foreign architects or not prepared under the direct supervision of Professional Architects.

You are hereby reminded that this practice is illegal and unethical. Furthermore, this is having a disastrous effect on the image and reputation of the profession.

As per the PAC Act 2011, PART VI DISCIPLINE; the PAC Council can take disciplinary measures as regards such cases.

You are further informed that the new Act allows foreign architects to practise under certain conditions. The Council will see to it that these conditions are strictly observed. Any infringement on this matter will lead to necessary legal actions.

It is the duty of all architects to report illegal practices to the Council for consideration. Thank you for your close collaboration.

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